Facebook disabled Russian disinformation network

Meta, which owns social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, announced that they disabled a Russian disinformation network that was used to spread fake news and disinformation about the Ukraine invasion of Russia. According to Meta, the network was using thousands of fake accounts and a couple of fake news site.

Meta was able to identify the fake accounts used by Russians to spread disinformation and disabled the network. According to Meta, the disabled network was the largest Russian disinformation operation that they have found.

It seems that Russians copied trustable news websites like the UK’s The Guardian and Der Spiegel from Germany and created a couple of fake websites to manufacture fake news. These websites were looking like The Guardian or Der Spiegel but they didn’t have any real news. Instead of that, they had fake news containing links to Kremlin propaganda. Most of the fake social media accounts were used these fake websites to spread online disinformation to German, Italian, French and British users.

“Video: False Staging in Bucha Revealed!” claimed one of the fake news stories, which blamed Ukraine for the slaughter of hundreds of Ukrainians in a town occupied by the Russians.

Meta began its probe into the propaganda efforts after German journalists reported on the operation in August.

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