The share of renewables in Spain’s total power production is rapidly increasing

Solar energy and the total share of renewables in Spain are set to rapidly surge in the next eight years, demonstrating the effectiveness of national leadership combined with cooperative business models. Thanks to the renewable energy policy of the Spanish government, the country is making headway towards its target of producing 74% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and 100 % by 2050.

Solar energy installations on rooftops have been surging in Spain

The share of renewable energy in Spain’s total power production is 37.6%. The acceleration of solar generation capacity in Spain could not come any sooner. Chaos across international fossil fuel markets, and Russo-Ukranian War, have made many energy importing nations acutely vulnerable to price fluctuations. Solar energy installations on rooftops have been surging in Spain, giving more hope that European countries can speed up their transitions away from gas power.

The war in Ukraine has been pressuring Europe to quickly diversify its energy sources

Solar capacity on private properties in Spain increased 102% last year by 1.2 gigawatts. And there are indications this trend is continuing. The rush for the rooftops comes amid soaring energy prices across Europe and a host of new financial incentives by the Spanish government to encourage citizens to invest in green energy.

Spain may seem like it would be Europe’s leader in rooftop solar, but the country has lagged behind other European nations like Italy and Germany. Germany had 44 gigawatts and Italy had 17.6 gigawatts while Spain only had 2.7 gigawatts installed at the end of last year.

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