Footage shows Greek landing ships deploying armored vehicles to demilitarized Aegean islands

The Turkish army shared new footage showing the moments the Greek army deployed armored vehicles to the Aegean islands with non-military status. Turkish Bayraktar drones which are actively used by Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian War, observed the moments. Turkish security sources said “it is a provocation and it’s unacceptable.”

Video footages shared by the Turkish side showed that the landing ships carried military vehicles donated by the US army to the islands of Lesbos and Samos. According to security sources, the Turkish Armed Forces drones performing flight mission over the Aegean Sea recorded these two Greek landing ships en route to Lesbos and Samos.

Footages revealed that the ships carried 23 tactical wheeled armored vehicles to Lesbos and 18 to Samos, the islands with non-military status. The armored vehicles were among those sent by the US to the Port of Alexandroupolis in Greece.

Footage 1 – Samos Island
Footage 2 – Lesbos Island

‘It is a provocation’

According to security sources, the Greek actions on Sept. 18 and Sept. 21 are proof of Greece’s continued militarization of islands near Turkiye. These islands are in non-military status, and these actions violate their non-military status.

Greece’s acts against international law are “unacceptable,” security sources said. They also recalled Turkiye’s recent efforts to resolve the problems with dialogue, as well as Turkiye’s calls for a meeting to discuss the issues.

“That Greece does not even attend the meetings despite invitations and makes such provocations show who increases the tension, who is irreconcilable, aggressive and unlawful,” Turkish officials said.

Greece hasn’t yet made any statements about deploying armored vehicles to demilitarized Aegean islands.

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