The course of the grain aisle should be changed, said Putin

Stating that almost all of the grain shipped from Ukraine goes to Europe instead of Africa and developing countries, Putin said that he will discuss with President Erdogan the limitation of the countries to which the Ukrainian grain will be sent.
While the Russia-Ukraine War was continuing, Russian President Vladimir Putin made critical statements at the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok. Russian leader Putin, who made statements about the grain corridor in which Turkey undertakes the mediation activities, stated that the grain was delivered to those in need with the said agreement, “We did everything to ensure that the grain of Ukraine was exported. We did this together with Turkey. As a result, I am explaining to you my dear colleagues; Turkey “Had it not been for the status of a mediator, almost all of the grain exported from Ukraine would have been sent to the EU countries, not the developing and poorest countries,” he said.

Noting that almost all of the grain shipped from Ukraine went to Europe, Putin said, “Only 2 of the 87 grain-laden ships that went from Ukraine within the scope of the United Nations World Food Program went to Africa. The rest were shipped to Europe.” Stating that European countries continue their colonialism in the grain crisis, as in the past, Putin said, “They deceived the developing countries and they continue to deceive them.”

Emphasizing that the global food crisis will deepen due to Europe’s approach, the Russian leader said, “It is necessary to consider limiting the route of grain and other foods going in this direction. I will definitely consult with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on this issue.”

Stating that Europe sacrificed its values ​​to preserve the “dictatorship” of the USA, Russian leader Putin said, “Western countries are determined to maintain the old world order that is only beneficial for them, to keep everyone according to the notorious “rules” that they themselves invented and regularly violate. The gap between the interests of the Western elite and their own citizens is widening, so that the level of industrial development achieved in Europe, the quality of life of people, socio-economic stability, all this is ignored by the demands from Washington in the name of ‘Euro-Atlantic union’. In fact, it is sacrificed for the sake of protecting the dictatorship of the USA in world affairs,” he said.

Reacting to the plans of the G7 and the European Union to impose a ceiling price on Russian oil and gas products, Putin said, “We will not send anything, oil, natural gas or coal, if it goes against our contracts and our interests. The West is not in a position to dictate its terms to us, let them think logically.” Putin also said that it is impossible to isolate Russia, despite the sanctions imposed by the West. “The fire of sanctions in the West threatens the whole world,” Putin said.

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