Prince Charles becomes Britain’s new king

Queen Elizabeth II, taken under close surveillance by her doctors due to her health problems, died at 96. With the Queen’s death, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, became the new king and head of state of England.

Queen Elizabeth II of England died at her summer residence in Scotland at Balmoral Castle. According to the news in BBC Turkish, When Queen Elizabeth II of England died, the new heir to the throne became Charles, Prince of Wales. You don’t need a ceremony for this. However, for Charles to be crowned King, some stages must be passed.

Prince Charles will first decide what name he would like to be called. He will decide whether to be called King Charles III or take a different name.

For example, his grandfather, George VI, was named Albert, but he succeeded to the throne with one of his middle names. Charles can choose any of his four names: Charles, Philip, Arthur, and George. Not only his title but also his son’s title will change.

William, who will become Crown Prince, does not automatically inherit his father’s title, Prince of Wales. However, he will immediately take the title of Duke of Cornwall, which also belonged to his father. His wife Catherine also held the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

In the first 24 hours, Charles will be proclaimed king. This first ceremony will occur in front of the Accession Council at St James’s Palace. Members of this council include senior MPs, some senior public officials, and the Mayor of London. More than 700 people can attend this ceremony, but the council to meet is expected to be below this number due to time constraints. The last council in 1952 met with about 200 people.

The king does not traditionally attend this ceremony. At this meeting, the death of Queen Elizabeth II will be announced, and the announcement of the new monarch will be read aloud. The wording used in this ad may vary, but traditionally it consists of prayers and expressions of devotion. While commemorating the departed monarch, devotion to the one who took his place is expressed. This proclamation is signed by some high-ranking people, including the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Traditionally, the Accession Council meets again in one day, this time with the participation of the King. In England, the King or Queen is also the head of state. However, he does not take office with an oath ceremony, for example, in the change of Presidency in the USA. Instead, the new King will read a proclamation going back to the 18th century. After the ceremony of the trumpet players, it will be announced to the public that Charles is King. This announcement will be made from the balcony of St James’s Palace by the person in charge of this job.

The symbolically most crucial stage of the process will be the ceremony in which Charles is crowned. Because of the necessary preparation, this is not expected to happen soon after Charles is proclaimed king. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in February 1952 but was crowned in June 1953.

For the last 900 years, coronations have been held at Westminster Church. William, I was the first monarch to be crowned there, while Charles was the 40th. Unlike royal weddings, a coronation is a state event; therefore, the government covers the cost. For this reason, the government approves the guest list at the last point.

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