Poland and the Baltic states close their borders to Russian tourists

It has been announced that Poland will stop visa procedures for Russian citizens on September 19, by the decision taken jointly with the Baltic states.

Poland and the Baltic States have announced they will close their borders to Russian tourists. In the joint statement made by the prime ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland, it was resolutely emphasized that the citizens of the Russian Federation would not be admitted to these countries. While it was stated that the said regulation would not cover some Russian citizens, it was announced that the regulation, which will come into force on September 19, will not cover Russian citizens, diplomats, independent journalists, and their families fighting for Russia’s independence against the current regime. By the regulation, it was emphasized that the citizens of the Russian Federation would not be admitted to 4 countries, and they would not be allowed to transit to other EU countries from the territory of these four countries.


In the statement published jointly by the four countries, the Russian occupation in Ukraine and its consequences were mentioned, and it was stated that “Ukrainian citizens are tortured and killed.”

In a process where Russian Federation citizens traveling to the EU are also a threat to EU countries, an

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