Israel’s response to the US request

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid, reacting to the demand from the United States after the report on the murder of Al Jazeera reporter Shirin Abu Akile, said that “no one can instruct the Israeli army to shoot”
According to the news of Israeli Public Broadcasting Organization KAN, Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke at the graduation ceremony of Israeli naval officers.

“I will not allow the trial of a soldier in the Israeli army who defended himself against terrorist fire.” Lapid described the murder of Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akile as “a tragedy in the conflict with terrorists”.

Claiming that the Israeli army has never deliberately targeted innocent people, Lapid said, “No one can dictate orders to shoot at us.” said.

Vedant Patel, Deputy Spokesperson of the US Department of State, said on Monday, September 5, that they would continue to pressure their Israeli partners to demand additional steps be taken to protect journalists and not to shoot innocent citizens during the clashes.

Reacting to Patel’s words, Defense Minister Benny Gantz, one of the first Israeli officials, said, “The Israeli Chief of Staff is the only person with the authority to give instructions to open fire according to operational need.” had used the words.

Claiming that Israeli soldiers and commanders carefully follow the instructions and that there is no political involvement, Gantz said, “The soldiers in the Israeli army have all the support they need to fulfill their duties.” he said.

Abu Akile, 51, the experienced reporter of Al Jazeera television, was killed by Israeli soldiers’ fire on May 11, while he was following the Israeli forces’ raid on the refugee camp in the West Bank city of Jenin.


On Monday, September 5, the Israeli army released the final report of its investigation into the incident that resulted in the killing of Abu Aqila.

The report stated that Abu Aqila “had a high probability of being accidentally killed by the fire of the Israeli army,” and included the following statements:

“After the completion of a series of investigations by a special task force, it seems impossible to pinpoint the source of the weapon that shot Mr. Abu Aqila. However, during a conflict in which Abu Aqila was indiscriminately fired at Israeli army soldiers with a life-threatening volley, There is a high probability that he was accidentally killed by Israeli army fire targeting suspects identified as Palestinian gunmen.”

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