Iran denies Albania’s accusations

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned Albania’s decision to cut diplomatic relations, declaring that cyber-attack accusations against Iran are unfounded
Iran condemned Albania’s decision to cut ties with Iran. In the statement published by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Albania’s accusations against Iran are baseless and unfounded. Albania’s decision to cut diplomatic relations with Iran based on such allegations was unthinkable and far from an understanding of international relations.” In the statement, where the cyber attack accusations were rejected, it was stated that Iran is a target country for cyber attacks and said, “As Iran, our country’s basic infrastructures are the target of cyber attacks, while we do not support cyber attacks against other countries. We condemn these attacks unequivocally.”

In the statement, the activities of third countries aimed at disrupting the relations between Iran and the Republic of Albania were pointed out, “After Albania’s decision to cut diplomatic relations with Iran, the support of the Zionist Israeli regime and international media organizations, especially the USA, indicates that the said step is against Iran. It shows that it is planned in advance to be used.” expressions were used.


Albania announced that it was cutting diplomatic relations with Iran due to intense cyber attacks. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama announced that his country has decided to end diplomatic relations with Iran, and stated that embassy staff in Tehran will leave within 24 hours, following an investigation into a cyber-attack in July.

All official digital platforms, including the e-government site, were crashed in Albania on 15 July due to a cyber attack. In Albania, where digital systems did not work for weeks, the people had to resort to the old system again and there was chaos in government offices in the country. The Albanian government blamed Iran for the cyber attack.

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