Belarus takes action on the Polish border: They started to build up troops

Belarus’ announcement that it will start military exercises on the borders of Ukraine and Poland became the agenda of the international public. The message ‘we are ready for any negativity that may occur’ came from Ukraine.

Belarus, a close ally of Russia, announced that it has started military exercises on the border of Poland and Ukraine. In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, it was emphasized that the exercise to be held in the Brest polygon, Minsk and Vitebsk regions is a practice of “freeing the territory temporarily seized by the enemy” and regaining control over the border areas.

While the international press made the headlines about the exercise, it was noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin held similar exercises on the border before the Ukraine invasion.

The Minsk administration has been complaining for months that NATO members such as Poland, Lithuania and Latvia are deploying troops on their borders, while increasing the number of troops and exercises at the border.


The Belarusian defense ministry stated that the exercises, which are planned to last until September 14, have an important place in the fight against “enemy and illegal armed formations”.

According to local media reports, 7,500 military personnel, 260 armored vehicles and about 30 aircraft and helicopters will participate in the exercise. According to the defense ministry, the level of soldiers and military equipment participating in the exercise does not require them to report under OSCE guidelines.

The exercises will be held in Minsk, the northeastern region of Vitebsk, and near the city of Brest, just 20 miles from the Ukrainian border.


Last week, top Ukrainian military official Oleksiy Gromov said that the Ukrainian armed forces were “ready” for any developments during Belarus’ military exercises.

But Gromov said the “probability” of Belarus to launch an attack on Ukraine was low, the Ukrainian news agency Interfax reported.

The military exercises came after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko reaffirmed his support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last month. Lukashenko’s support for Russia caused him to face international sanctions.

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