Arsenic panic in New York! Emergency declared

While panic has been experienced due to arsenic detected in the tap water of a living complex in the US state of New York, residents have been trying to meet their needs with bottled water for days.
A state of emergency has been declared due to high levels of arsenic detected in the Jacob Riis complex, where thousands of people live near the tourist area of ​​East Willage, on New York’s Manhattan island.

Manhattan District President Mark Levine announced on social media that the plumbing is continuing, advising residents of the 6-block complex to avoid drinking tap water due to high levels of arsenic being detected.

Due to the crisis that has been going on for days, it was seen that aid tents were set up in the garden of the complex, and the residents of the complex carried the bottled water left in the tents for cooking and body cleaning.

Some of the residents living in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) buildings recently shared images of muddy and brown running tap water on social media, complaining that the authorities were not acting fast enough on the issue.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams also visited the complex on Sunday evening and was personally involved in the distribution of bottled water to residents.

While the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accepted 10 parts per billion as the safe limit for arsenic levels since 2001, it was shared that this ratio is 12-14 in the tap water of the apartments in the complex.

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