Putin: If Turkey were not a mediator, grain would not reach those in need

In his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a statement regarding the grain corridor where Turkey undertakes mediation activities. Putin said that if Turkey were not a mediator, this grain would go to European countries, not to countries in need.

In his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok, Russian President Putin touched upon the grain agreement between the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine, in which Turkey is a mediator. Stating that the grain was delivered to those in need with the said agreement, Putin said, “We have done everything to ensure that the Ukrainian grain is exported. I met with the leaders of the African Union, with the leaders of African states, and I promised them that we will do everything to ensure their interests. We did this together with Turkey. In conclusion, I am explaining to you my dear colleagues; If Turkey did not have the status of a mediator, almost all of the grain exported from Ukraine would have been sent to the EU countries, not to the developing and poorest countries.


Noting that Europe sacrificed its values ​​in order to maintain the “dictatorship” of the USA, Putin said, “Western countries are forced to maintain the old world order that is only beneficial for them, to live by the notorious “rules” that they themselves invented and regularly violate. they try to force it. They constantly change the rules for themselves depending on the current situation. The gap between the interests of the Western elite and their own citizens is widening. Thus, the level of industrial development achieved in Europe, the quality of life of people, socio-economic stability, all these are ignored by the demands from Washington in the name of ‘Euro-Atlantic union’. In fact, it is being sacrificed for the sake of maintaining the dictatorship of the USA in world affairs.”


“In the spring, many foreign companies raced to announce that they were withdrawing from Russia, thinking that our country would suffer the most from this,” said Putin. One of the most important reasons, of course, is the breaking of commercial ties with Russia. “It was the elusive dominance of the United States of America in the global economy and politics that accelerated these processes, as well as the stubborn unwillingness or even inability of the Western elite to see and recognize objective facts.”

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