Flash North Korea claim for Russia from the USA

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Director John Kirby said Russia may have received millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea, but there is no indication that these weapons have been used on the ground yet.
John Kirby, Strategic Communications Director of the White House National Security Council, evaluated the US foreign policy at a meeting with White House reporters via Zoom.

Confirming North Korea’s claims that it sold weapons to Russia, Kirby said, “In our opinion, there are millions of rockets and artillery shells in this sale. There is no indication that this sale has been completed and these weapons have started to be used in the field.” made its assessment.

Kirby added that the purchase is an indication of how “hopeless and helpless” Russia is about the Ukraine war.

Referring to China’s stance on Russia, Kirby said, “We have not seen any sign that China has breached the sanctions against Russia.” he said.

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