Black winter is at the door! Italy and Greece were added to the EU countries that took the decision to save: Take a shorter shower

EU countries, which have imposed sanctions on Russia due to the war in Ukraine, are in a very difficult situation with Russia closing gas valves. After countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, and England, there were successive moves from Italy and Greece. While the public was called to “Keep your shower time short” in Italy, Greece announced a series of savings measures to reduce energy consumption in public institutions by 10 percent.

After the European sanctions against Russia due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Russia also closed the gas valves it opened to Europe. On the other hand, the energy and climate crisis requires the European Union (EU) countries to prepare for the dark winter already.

After many European countries such as Germany, England and the Netherlands, a saving move came from Italy. With the decree signed by the Minister of Ecological Transformation in Italy, a series of measures will be applied in order to be prepared for the “worst scenario” as of the end of September.

In this framework, central heating will be restricted except for sensitive institutions such as hospitals. By starting the heating period 8 days later than normal and ending 7 early, 15 days of savings will be achieved. In addition, the heaters will be operated at 1 degree lower temperature and for one hour less per day. In addition to these mandatory measures, it is planned to further increase energy savings through awareness-raising campaigns for citizens.

Demands will be made from the public, such as taking shorter showers with lower-grade water, unplugging electronic devices they are not using, and running washing machines and dishwashers only when they are full.

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