In France, the government is preparing to reduce train services to save energy

In France, it is preparing to reduce train services to save energy. Government officials have instructed the French official railway company SNCF to thoroughly consider scenarios for reducing train numbers in winter in case of major electricity shortages.
It was stated that due to the energy shortage in France, the government is working on scenarios to seriously reduce train services. According to an exclusive report by Le Parisien newspaper to its subscribers, government officials have instructed the country’s official rail company, SNCF, to thoroughly consider the possibilities of reducing the number of trains in the event of a major power outage.


In the news, which noted that “company members were shocked by the instruction from above,” a company official said, “Actually, the transportation plan has been adapted to the needs of passengers. What is more, less is less.” description was given. In the news, it was noted that SNCF executives stated that even if they consider all scenarios and do not ignore any situation, they will prioritize complying with the government’s demands in any case.


In the news, which draws attention to the fact that the energy consumed by SNCF company in transportation with its 1000 High Speed ​​​​Train (TGV) and 14 thousand Regional Express Transport (TER) fleet, corresponds to 1 to 2 percent of the annual electricity consumption of France, this is the capital city of Paris and Marseille. It was pointed out that the annual electricity consumption of


In the news, it was emphasized that SNCF officials had difficulty in understanding the government’s request to reduce trains in order to make a gain in electricity consumption without taking additional measures such as “obliging their employees to work remotely”. Otherwise, it was warned that problems such as long queues at the stations, crammed trains and railway administrators who suffer every day would arise.


In the news, it was reminded that the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Clement Beaune, sent instructions to companies engaged in rail, air, road and sea transport to prepare their savings plans for the winter period. According to the information in the news, SNCF currently spends about 400 million Euros annually on electricity, despite a series of measures taken within the scope of savings.

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